Help toReduceReuseRecycleof Electronic Waste.

The actual meaning of recycling is to convert waste into reusable material. It is done either by returning the material to a previous stage or modifying it into one or the other form of material thus making it worthy to reuse. Whether you want your items to be recycled or remarketed, the best refuge for your needs is हल​ Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Benefits of electronic recycling with us as we target many benefits in one go:

 We help to conserve the natural resources (i.e. we recover the valuable materials such as metals from the old electronic items that can be used to make new products). 

 The process assists in reusing plastic and glass for making new products thus reducing pollution.

 We help in reducing the population’s exposure to the toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury.

 We also help you in donating/selling your used or useless electronic equipment thus benefiting the community.

 We help to conserve the landfill space by recycling the e-waste. We also offer free pickups for certain businesses and corporations.

 Our efforts directly or indirectly contribute toward creating jobs and also help in creating new markets for the recycled components that were not as valuable before being processed.


Lets make India Green Again! Recycle with us.


Our commitment to being an e-waste recycler means electronics collected through our organization will never be entering into landfills or simply end up in the hands of unauthorized kabadiwalas or incinerators. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

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